About Us

Hi, we are Christine and Anthony, partners for life and passionate digital entrepreneurs.

We run a successful online business that provides us with the time and geographical freedom to enjoy the special moments in life with family and friends.

Living in beautiful Chester, in the North of England, we are passionate about guiding others to achieve their full potential and live their own life of perfect days

Outside of work, we love being in nature, exploring new countries and cuisines and spending quality time with our loved ones

On this page you can find out 'Who we are' and 'Why we live a digital lifestyle'.

Who We Are

Hi I'm Christine. 

I am born and raised in a small village in Germany, where everyone knows your name. 

Under the wings of my very success-driven Mum, I was always pushed to give my very best in any life situation. This was reflected in my above average school results and successes in hobbies, like coming second place in the European Championship with my dancing team. 

With a passion for culture & language, I moved to the UK in 2010 to complete my first class Bachelor’s degree in International Business Communication and Mandarin with Distinction. With a scholarship in my bag I moved on to complete my Master’s degree. 

The times I remember most however, were when I interacted with international students from all over the world as part of my role as International Student Representative. Happiness comes with helping others get unstuck.

My life in the digital world started with my first corporate role as a Digital Product Assistant where I was introduced to the world of E-Commerce. I climbed the career ladder quickly and secured my first manager role at the age of 23

At this point in my life, I realised that things were starting to spiral out of control. My personal life revolved around my work life and not the other way around. Even when I wasn't working, I was thinking about work and most of my Sunday was spent planning my Monday board meeting.

Something had to change!

Just 3 years later I left the corporate world to work for Anthony in his successful online business, launched my first online business and published my first ebook at the age of 29. 

I'm now loving life as a Digital Entrepreneur!

Hi, I'm Anthony!

I was born and raised in the outer suburbs of London to my Malaysian mother (a nurse) and my English father (a communications officer and former soldier).

During my childhood, I had always tried to help my father who, as an amputee, had always tried various business opportunities to try and supplement his low income.

As a result, I was exposed to a long list of different business models such as MLM, selling on eBay, selling via our own website, selling at market stalls and auctions, property development and much more. 

I did well at school, gained a distinction in Multimedia at college which got me a place at university where I achieved a 2:1 degree in Business Information Systems.

After working as a web developer for 6 years, I was struggling financially with a hefty mortgage and started freelancing. This then led to me trying to start my own online business, quitting my job and working for myself

However, after a few years, work became my life, my relationship broke down and my two young boys lived with my ex and I wanted nothing to do with computers. In fact, I started a carpet cleaning business!

I eventually came to my senses, re-trained again as a junior web developer working for a company (where I met the love of my life Christine!), then a digital project manager but eventually I once again realised that I was born to be an entrepreneur!

So I started yet another online business, using all that I had learnt since my childhood, and this time, it grew to be a massive success, generating over 7 figures in net profit and enabling us to purchase our own home mortgage free, as well as a rental portfolio for ongoing residual income.

Having worked so hard to build up what we have, I feel blessed to be able to help others to achieve these results, to free themselves from corporate chains and to truly live life on their own terms.

Why We Live A Digital Lifestyle


Culture, Language & Traveling

My first travel adventure with a language exchange program to Eastbourne in the UK, at the age of 13 years, has triggered my passion for languages, traveling and exploring the world. 

I am not an armchair tourist, but a curious traveller who always thrives to learn more about other cultures and traditions. Thanks to my parents I was able to set my itchy feet in a number of different countries throughout Europe, even before I turned 18. Later on, my passion for Asian culture and language led me to explore China, Malaysia, Burma and Thailand. Oh and as you can imagine, I have tried lots of weird and wonderful food during my time in China. ;) 

Living a digital lifestyle means having more opportunity to spending longer periods of  time in other countries, mingling with natives and experiencing what happiness and life mean in different parts of the world. 

Family & Friends 

What would life be without family and friends? Utterly boring!

My family and friends absolutely take up a large part of my life and I couldn’t imagine being fulfilled and happy without the close connection to my loved ones. 

But with the largest part of my family living in Germany there has always been a dilemma between my desire for living in another country and urge to spend quality time with my family. Working in corporate employment meant being geographically chained to one location with little flexibility to fulfill both desires. 

So I ended up seeing my family only twice per year, missing out on nearly all birthday celebrations and to top it off, my sister's wedding preparations and my mum's operation. And I can tell you, not even video calls on Skype made up for my deep feelings of guilt not being there in the moments that mattered most. Enough was enough!

I quit my job and joined Anthony's online business which allowed us to move to Germany and live with my parents for 6 full months. And even if we have now moved back to the UK to look after Anthony's two boys, I can frequently fly over to meet up with family and friends for longer periods of time, without gaining permission from an employer first or the risk of losing my job.

All this is possible with the power of the digital economy, the SFM business system and my strong desire to keep my geographical independency alive.  



There are many benefits to being an employee and to be honest, I've always been grateful to have the opportunity to work for good people and for a respectable wage. However, I've always felt that being a full-time employee lacks something that is truly important to me and that is freedom.

What do I mean by freedom? After all, I'm not behind bars in a maximum security prison - but then again, sometimes working from an office 8 hours a day, year after year, does have the feeling of being "locked up" from the outside world.

I remember distinctly, a time when I was working as a web developer back in 2013 and England had one of the most beautiful summers ever. It was amazingly sunny and warm outside and all I wanted to do was to sit outside and bask in the sun. But of course I was stuck at my desk, with the air-con on full blast, with only a small glimpse of the outside world from a small office window, mostly covered by blinds to block out the sun.

It's times like these when I feel truly "trapped" as an employee. Maybe you can relate?

Have you ever hated not being able to take a family vacation because you don't have enough allocated holiday time?

Have you ever felt helpless and frustrated not having your voice heard? 

I remember suggesting ideas to improve the company I worked for but either they were dismissed for one reason or another, or needed to be approved by endless layers of management before they got the go-ahead.

With our online business, we can choose what we want to work on and I don't have to care what anyone else thinks (well apart from Christine - but she and I mostly think alike!).

The truth is, running your own online business can give you freedom in so many areas, if you design your business to fit your lifestyle and not the other way around.

For example, in summer 2018 I took my two boys and Christine on our holiday of a lifetime to amazing Disney World, Florida. Not only did my business give me the financial resources to be able to go, but it also gave me the option to take two weeks off without gaining anyone's permission.

The best part is that shortly before the trip, I was in Portugal for a week (working on our business and renovating a property) and a week AFTER the Florida trip I was in Amsterdam (again a business/travel trip)! 

If you want to experience FREEDOM like this, then the Six Figure Mentors could be the solution for you!

Why The SFM Was Right For Us

While traveling in Portugal, we were reflecting on our lives and realised that although we were running a successful business, there were some areas that needed attention.

Firstly, due to circumstances beyond our control, we knew that our existing business may not be sustainable for the long term, so we needed to look at other opportunities we could pursue in the eventuality that it could happen.

Secondly, the lack of social interaction didn't offer a great deal of appeal to Christine, who wanted to have an opportunity to use her communication and language skills in her every day role.

So we researched online business opportunities that would meet the following criteria:

  1. Sustainability for the long term and less likely to be affected by external factors outside of our control.

  2. High level of interaction with like-minded entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life.

  3. Ability to develop ourselves as leaders and mentors to give value to others, resulting in increased fulfillment and purpose.

  4. No geographical dependence.

  5. No limit to income potential.

We explored several options and when we came across the Six Figure Mentors, it was clear to us that it would easily help us to achieve these criteria .

Since signing up, our lives have changed, not just in business, but in our personal lives too, and now, we couldn't imagine not being a part of the amazing SFM community. 

So, if you would like to explore this opportunity and start creating your life of time, geographic and financial freedom, click here to fill out your risk-free application.

Instant access to your first training modules costs $29.95 one-off fee and if you are not happy with the results simply email support@thesfm.com within 30 days, to get your full refund. No questions asked. 

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