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The Portable Lifestyle - Reclaim Your Life Abroad

If all expats would live in a fairy tale, our lives would be so much easier.

We would reign our new world like the perfect king and queen.

We would have a cheering support network around us. We wouldn’t worry about finances & career perspectives, language & cultural differences nor would we feel trapped abroad with limited holidays to travel back home. 

While some people thrive on the excitement of starting a new live abroad, others might find it difficult to settle in a new place and feel unfulfilled in their personal and/or professional life opportunities. 

Moving abroad changes everything – you upset what was probably a very stable life in terms of you knowing what to expect on a day-to-day basis. By turning everything on its head you create a great deal of disharmony in your life. 

This eBook talks about two expats, Christine Frey & Patrick Hesse, who found a new solution to reclaiming their lives abroad. 

If you feel stuck abroad, if you feel unfulfilled in your personal and/or professional life opportunities in your new country -  Then this eBook is for you! 

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In this eBook

  • Find ways that can help you reclaim your life abroad, find your purpose again, achieve financial & location freedom
  • Learn, which expat type you are and what the fears & obstacles could be that you might face while living abroad
  • Explore the various online business opportunities expats have nowadays, to create a better life abroad
  • Get an insight into what's required to start an online business abroad and learn how we got started with our own businesses