Resources To Start And Grow Your Online Business

Mindset Training Freebies

Applying the right mindset when starting and growing an online business is incredibly powerful.

And therefore I have created a number of worksheets below which can help you develop the right mindset so you can achieve

long-lasting, stable business results

30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Make gratitude a habit to improve your outlook in life, improve your health and sleep better.  

You will find yourself experiencing good feelings more often and bounce back from stress easily.

Choice Journal Freebie

People who harness the Power of Choice  are more process-oriented and follow logical steps. 

Becoming self-aware in leveraging the power of choice will help you achieve your goals faster.

Listen to the right people Freebie

A worksheet to help you align yourself with the right people to achieve what you want in life.

Surrounding yourself with trusted mentors will accelerate your online business.

eBooks & Video Workshops

Below you can find a selection of my free resources which can help you kickstart your journey into digital entrepreneurship

Get Your Free Digital Copy

In this ebook I am talking about the 6 reasons which 100% 

have resulted in my failed online business attempt in 2017.

I publish these so you can learn from my experience and avoid

making the same mistakes as I did. 

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Get The Free Video Series

This 4-part, insightful video series will reveal the easiest paths which

new online entrepreneurs can follow to start an online business. 

Learn about a proven online business system which can give you time,

financial and geographical freedom and a lifestyle of choice. 

Get Your Free Digital Copy


The story of two expats who started a lifestyle of freedom and choice by

creating their own online businesses.