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In July 2018 I was at a point where I was committed to go all in and learn everything I needed to create my own Online Business. 

I had two strong desires that made me realise, that creating my own business and working for my own dream

was the best path to go down on. 

What I didn't dare to do though, was to do it completely on my own. I wanted a training program and a community, which could support me to get me from having no business to making consistent sales every month.  

I did some research on the Internet and came across quite a few different companies who offered just that. I learned a lot about the difference between an authentic and real company and a scam (usually websites where you can see expensive cars, money bills & credit cards plastered all over). 

I came across the SFM or 'Six Figure Mentors' and since then everything changed for me. 

SFM stands for ‘Six Figure Mentors’, a company founded in 2010 and run by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek whose vision is to provide a training platform and selling system,  that trains people on how to build and run a successful online business.

The company was created with a vision to support as many people as possible to create a life of abundance as well as time and location freedom. Even people who have never owned a business before and were clueless about where to begin.

Here's a video by co-founder Stuart Ross in which he explains a little more about the SFM

*DISCLAIMER: Individual results will vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee any results.
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Who Can Benefit From the SFM 

  • People that are dissatisfied with their job
  • Work-at-home parents
  • People who want to change their life path
  • People looking to make some extra income
  • Unemployed people hit by the global recession
  • Retired veterans
  • People with zero business experience, who however don't mind a challenge in life
  • Affiliate and network marketers looking for opportunities
  • Existing business owners (online and offline)
  • Professionals like bankers, lawyers and doctors, managers, accountants, nurses etc.

Earn While You Learn

SFM is not just another online course, where you can only get the theoretical knowledge but then don't know how to actually apply it to make any sales. 

With this program, apart from the theoretical knowledge, you invest into a proven business system, which is helping thousands of others, to automate sales and earn them a monthly income. 

And the best things are that: 

  • You don't need your own products

  • You don't need to do cold-calling

  • You don't need to sell to your friends or family 

  • You are not bound to any lengthy membership contract 

  • You don't need to have any previous technical experience

Compared to a usual college course or long-distance study you can create an income stream, while you are going through the training. 

This training can be started alongside your full-time job. I have started with 1 hour a day, after my own 9 to 5 job and 3-4 hours on the weekend and made my first sale in my first month of marketing (Oooo I still remember the feeling...). 

The 3 Things I Needed To Start My Online Business

EducationCommunitySales System

1. Education

SFM is an educational organisation that provides a clear path to follow in simple, digestible steps. Five well thought-through Online Business Success Modules act as a step-by-step guide to help set your foundation for your online business.

You will gain the know-how and strategic skills to monetise nearly any product or service online through an ever-growing library of training courses as well as a comprehensive calendar for live webinars with the top strategists, mentors & high performing members in the SFM. 

The SFM provides you with the tools and resources you will need to get your online business off the ground, from tools that enable you to build your website, to follow-up email sequences and ready to go tracking platform.

The skills you will acquire through this system can not just be used in affiliate marketing. Many of our members have gone ahead and started their own online businesses in the industry they love. This ranges from consultancy services to import/export businesses and their own e-commerce stores.

2. Community

The SFM community is unique not just because of the a great variety of members at different levels of experience. From founding members to total newbies, from places around the globe and from people in all age groups, there will be someone you can resonate with, who can help you not to stagnate on your own journey.

Wherever in the world you might be, there will always be someone available in the community who works in the same timezone as you!

Further to this, you will be assigned your dedicated Business System Consultant who is based in your timezone for your convenience.

Develop friendships and bonds where new friends feel stronger connected than people in your current life.

And besides the contacts you make online, you will get invited to numerous big live events and smaller member meet-ups across the globe - That's definitely the most exciting part for me. 

3. Sales System

There are multiple ways to earn income with the SFM business system.

Have an existing online business?


Learn how to effectively market and attract customers to your existing online business by harnessing powerful training on mindset and marketing strategies.

Don’t have an existing online business and no idea where to start?

By becoming an SFM reseller you’ll have the opportunity to earn healthy commissions (no cold calling required) by promoting their cutting-edge products and educational resources which are amongst the best in the industry. 

The best way to find out which path to go down in your particular life situation is to speak to a System Consultant which you get assigned immediately when you join the SFM. 


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